Trademark Search and Analysis

Trademark Search and Analysis is the most vital phase of registering a trademark. IntrustGlobal has a dedicated team to provide Trademark Analysis, We provide a detailed report identifying all possibilities and precautions before registering a trademark, for instance there could be an existing trademark that is similar to the trademark that is being applied for and without this awareness it would cost the client time and money to actually find a suitable trademark.

IntrustGlobal serves to protect the trademarks of its client who wish to perform this Search and Analysis. Our methodologies and expertise in the Trademark Search and Analysis segment has been uniquely defined by our experts whose proficiency in this field has been outstanding and studded with strong experience of handling Trademark related assignments from varied industries.

As Part of Trademark Search we identify Trademarks that are:

  • Similar
  • Existing
  • Registered
  • Unregistered
  • Pending Trademarks from various sources

Trademark Analysis Includes identifying the possibility of Trademark being:

  • Distinctive and Enforceable
  • Not Infringe upon Existing or Pending Trademarks
  • Valid to obtain Federal Registration

Trademark Monitoring

IntrustGlobal’s team responsible for monitoring trademark infringements is constantly on guards for all its clients, providing regular consensus and updates on the trademark status. In case of any infringement, we will notify the client of the potential infringement and advice on the next course of action with respect to all aspects that could and are causing the Trademark Infringement.

Our Trademark watch solution is honed with a blend of Technology and Experience analyzing into all possibilities including multilingual infringements, phonetic culprits, visual duplicates and many more ways of Infringements.