Patent Drafting and Prosecution Assistance

Provisional Patent Drafting

We have a proven track record of drafting patent applications in multiple technical fields for filings at the USPTO, EPO, IPO or the PCT. Our team comprises trained and experienced patent agents, scientists and engineers working in methodical and matured processes to deliver high quality patent drafts. To ensure quality and consistency, we work in close collaboration with client’s in-house or partner attorneys, or our own associate attorneys in the US and EP. If desired, we can draft only specific sections of the patent application like background, description, etc.

IntrustGlobal helps its clients create Provisional Patent Applications in the most comprehensive manner possible so as to ensure the avoidance of rework while creating the Non Provisional Patent Application. With our experienced team of Provisional Patent writers, IntrustGlobal gives a Quality service to its Clients.

Non Provisional Patent Drafting

A Non Provisional Application as opposed to the Provisional application is the final version of the Patent Application that is submitted by the Company/Individual desiring to obtain a patent for their Idea/Brand/Product. IntrustGlobal specializes in drafting Non Provisional Application for a variety of industries and technologies. With Satisfied clients from all genre of Innovations, IntrustGlobal understand the features and requirements of its clients in the most comprehensive manner to present a case that is worthy of Patent from the concerned authorities in the Patenting Departments.

Office Actions

IntrustGlobal and its dedicated team have facilitated and Submitted Office action’s for various clients and holds great deal of information regarding the Office action adherence and best practices to clear all the incompliance’s.

IntrustGlobal helps clients in drafting office action responses for their patent applications across various jurisdictions including US, EP and India. Office Action drafting requires a thorough understanding of the law, the invention, and the cited art. At times it also involves discussing the invention and cited art with the examiner over a phone call. Our team of highly skilled techno-legal professionals has extensive experience in not only drafting superior responses, but also in negotiating the scope with examiners over phone calls. Unlike others, we ensure that the finally allowed claim set is not too narrow. We also make sure that any unclaimed subject matter is also brought to the clients notice. For clients who want to draft responses themselves, we provide technical review services. In such cases we review the invention in light of cited art and provide our technical recommendations. Independent and neutral recommendations help clients decide on the worth of filings the response. We can draft office action responses to be reviewed and filed by client’s in-house attorneys or outside counsels. Alternatively, we can file responses through our partner attorneys in US, EP and India.

Patent Illustrations

IntrustGlobal with respect to all genres of Patenting has a dedicated team of Illustrators who illustrate these drawings as per the guidelines of the relevant Patent and Trademark Office i.e., USPTO, EPO, PCT and IPO.

We provide the following services under Patent Illustrations:

  • Design patent drawings
  • Utility patent illustrations
  • Replacement drawings
  • Drawings by description
  • Formal drawings preparation from color images, computer screen shots etc
  • Flow charts
  • Complex graphs
  • Drawings from Microphotographs, DNA Sequencing
  • Biomedical drawings
  • PCT drawings
  • Trademark/logo design

Mechanical drawings including Isometric drawings, assembly drawings, sectional drawings, detailed drawings, exploded view drawings, cut-away drawings, Plan, Elevation etc.