Patent Commercialization Services

File Wrapper Analysis

Patenting a self-innovation/Idea/Brand is a reward in its own sense providing the highest satisfaction levels to a Company/Individual who owns it. In the event of litigation, Infringement or Licensing negotiations on the Patent one must have a complete history of the Patent, also known as File Wrapper Analysis. It allows one to get a complete knowledge of all information that has been documented with the examiner at the patent office.

As the innovation harvest grows in number with the advent of technology and also in other industries, File Wrapper Analysis is amongst the most expected and crucial service for the Patent expectants. At IntrustGlobal we offer this service to Clients all over the world with the most precise and insightful information in the least possible time. Our record of service in this segment is a proof to our impeccable and spotless service to all our clients.

Claim Construction

Claim Construction is one of the most challenging services in the Patenting industry, as it plays a very vital role in evaluating the case in all regards. The granularity of the claim helps understand and determine all aspects of the case hence it is crucial that the claim be drafted considering all timelines and levels the patenting case has gone through. Playing a very distinctive role in the patent litigation, Claim Construction requires a sharp observation and study of the case in question and IntrustGlobal has an in house team of experts with vast amount of experience in Claim constructions. They are intended to notify others of the scope and relevance of the protected invention. While reading a claim, one of the challenges is to set aside one’s own favoritism about what the vocabulary means and question the meaning of the used terminologies.

Patent Vs Product Mapping

Market and Competitive Analysis