Case Studies

Prior art Search
A leading commercialization company operating in the US wanted to optimize their costs on searching prior art and other closely related material related for their client’s inventions. Intrust Global started working with this company and helped them in establishing a robust and highly optimized backend operation for delivering high quality search reports. After building confidence with client, today Instrust provides help in preparing disclosure forms, search report formats, and invention analysis. Instrust was able to define a highly optimised delivery model specific to client needs with a quick turnaround time and high quality work products.

Visualisation of Inventions
The client is a licensing firm that helps small and medium sized inventors in commercializing products and take them to market along with patent filing. For showing the working of the invention and its utility, the firm requires a low cost yet animated video of their client’s invention so as to market it to potential licensees. When the client approached Intrust Global, we had little idea on how to capture and engage client virtually without face to face interaction for developing a video of a product to be patented. The challenge was that the video was for commercialization of the invention and therefore should have marketable components. We started work on this front and within a span of few projects, we were able to define processes that fully overcame the challenges of personal interaction. Today, Intrust Global delivers these services to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Patent Portfolio Analysis
A high end technology company wanted us to analyse a large patent portfolio for aligning their business strategy. They wanted to license out the patents that did not align with their restructured business. The portfolio, however, had a high value technology patents that were critical to the company and a good technology understanding was key to the patent portfolio analysis. At the same time, they did not want to undertake major expenditure on this activity on account of financial constraints. They approached Intrust Global for help on their portfolio. The precondition was that they would interview the team performing portfolio analysis for their technology understanding. The technologies were extremely complex and were intermingled with standards, that is, some of the patents were standard essential patents (SEPs).  After a few discussions, we were awarded the work of patent portfolio analysis. We prepared the patent portfolio analysis reports along with in-depth technology analysis of each of the patents. The first set of deliverable was shared. The client was so happy and confident with our deliverable that we received four portfolios for evaluation from them.

In trust has a technology team that is well qualified to work on high end technology portfolios. We ensure that high quality work and complete client satisfaction.

Office Action Responses
A large law firm in the US wanted to quickly respond to a number of office actions that had piled up on their desk. When they receive an office action, they would usually forward it to their respective clients. Normally, the clients after analysing the office actions would decide whether to move ahead on it or not. The process normally takes a long time. Inadvertently, all the clients requested the law firm to move ahead with the prosecution of their respective filings. Unfortunately, the law firm was fully occupied with another case and had very few hours left for them to devote on office actions. At the same time, they were reluctant to outsource it fearing about the quality of office action response. When we spoke to the law firm, they narrated their problem to us. We offered our help and the law firm after approval from their client gave us the first office action as a test case. We analysed and prepared a response to the office action and sent it to the law firm. They simple forwarded it to the client. The work was much appreciated by the client and the law firm. We continue receiving office action from them whenever they are confronted with a work overflow situation. Our ability to quickly turnaround an office action with highest quality has ever since been largely appreciated by our customers.